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The process of becoming a foster/adoptive parent includes training, home inspections, and visits from your assigned family development specialist. It is a team effort that takes from four to six months after you have completed the required forms.

Our foster/adoptive parents have varied backgrounds:
  • Married or single
  • Homeowners or apartment dwellers
  • Aged 21... to grandparents
  • Experienced or first-time parents
  • Employed outside the home or full-time homemakers
To qualify for this challenging and rewarding task you must:
  • Be an Anne Arundel County resident
  • Have empathy and patience
  • Provide a safe and nurturing emotional climate
  • Respect the child and the child's family
  • Work with our team to unite the children with their families
  • Have adequate bedroom space
  • Be able to love... and let go